Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Splintered Light Miniatures on Sale

As my vacation from blogging ends let's launch in with some exciting news. Splintered Light Miniatures (SLM) is one of my favorite companies. They're a (relatively) small operation that produces some of the most beautiful miniature figures I have seen. SLM has two lines of product. They make a 15mm line of fantasy figures which are nicely detailed and good quality. In addition they manufacture a line of 18mm forest animal figures that are just stupendous. The forest animal line is called Splintered Lands. The miniatures are beautifully proportioned, high quality, they paint up nicely and they're insanely cute.

The number of uses these little figures have are really limitless. They look great next to "Christmas village" houses, so regardless of your religion you can make pretty winter dioramas populated by well armed forest animals. The minis can be used in skirmish games such as the Song of... line from Ganesha Games. You could use them in role playing games and play Dungeons and Dragons with forest creatures instead of elves and dwarves. The sky is the limit. These minis are metal so obviously they are for the older kids. Give the younger children your plastic Perry Hussars or Walkerloo figures.

SLM will be missing Historicon this year (and that leaves my friend Kurt off the hook in terms of grabbing me some packs) and so they're putting their lines on sale. Send them an email describing which minis you want and they'll send you a PayPal invoice with 20% marked off. This is a terrific offer on some of the best miniatures in the country. Take a look and see if any grab you!