Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pandemonium Iron GM Contest

Pandemonium Books in Central Square is having a contest next month that sounds just amazing. Game masters are being challenged to run a game with the system of their choice that includes one of several key elements:
“Future Legend” by David Bowie
A chest or steamer trunk
Leonardo da Vinci

GMs will be judged on how fun their game is, how original it is, and whether the element was really crucial to the story or just window dressing.

I like playing rpgs simply for the fun of it but there is something to be said for a challenge. A few weeks ago I suggested to my group that we do the "lame monster challenge," in which you have to run a game which features as its central foundation one of the Monster Manual's worst monsters. I was planning a gripping yarn featuring the nation of the piercers.

Anyway, the Iron GM contest sounds like great fun. Local gamers should consider it and folks outside of Boston- take inspiration!