Sunday, June 29, 2014

My New Haul!

Myriad Games in Salem had its bi-yearly charity auction this weekend and I was able to attend for the first time. The store takes donations of old games and then auctions them off, with anywhere from 20-100% of the proceeds going to charity (the remainder go to the game's donor, not the store).

A Pile 'o Fun
This auction certainly had its' highs and lows. There are plenty of copies of Munchkin and Trivial Pursuit to go around! And also Scene It, which is secretly a lot of fun to play. There were also some wild old gems including an interactive VHS game (Dragon Strike!) and a lurid oil painting of a demon from Dungeons and Dragons that was just both hard to look at And hard to look away from. But buried amidst the dross were some real treasures. Basic games like Dominion, Bang, and Carcassonne. Some more outre entries like Space Alert. And some lovely little treats. I was outbid on Blood Bowl but then my luck changed.

I managed to walk away with thirty pounds of Tide of Iron game and expansions, a copy of Hybrid and Hybrid:Nemesis, A Combat Commander set, and a huge box of Space Marines. Now some of this is headed to eBay but what's left is going to be awesome and basically have paid for itself.

So a productive afternoon, if you use the word productive in the inappropriate sense!

As an aside, how do we explain Rackham to our children? Yes kids, there was once a company that produced an endless stream of insanely beautiful miniatures but one day they all decided to change their business plan and then go bankrupt. Have fun with your horrible Mantic miniatures. Tragic. But that being said, the games are first to eBay I suspect.