Friday, March 20, 2009

Event Update- Two Conventions on the Horizon

I've been following the news from Vermont and Northeast Wars is looking better by the day. The list of board, roleplaying, and miniatures games being offered is very impressive and includes possibilities for a variety of ages and interests. I would encourage anyone with an interest in trying a dozen cool new games in a single weekend to take a look! This event really seems to be shaping up beautifully.

On the local front the Havoc Convention arrives in a week or two. Havoc is solely a miniatures game event and may not be perfect for younger players. Teens and up with an interest in tactical gaming may find it well worth the trip, though, as there is a wide range of games being played.

In both cases these are ways to sample a variety of games and see if they suit you. Visitors sign up to play a game which will be hosted by an experienced player. Rules are usually simple and the session is designed with beginners in mind. You may find something unexpectedly fun, or discover that something that seemed interesting is actually a bit of a bore. Check out the web sites for lots of details and often photos of past events as well.

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