Thursday, April 22, 2010

Huzzah- Wargaming in Maine

Next weekend is Huzzah, a new wargaming convention being held in Portland, Maine. The schedule has a pretty good assortment of games, most aimed at older teens and adults. Many local conventions are a mix of board games, role playing, and miniatures gaming. Huzzah really concentrates on miniatures.

There are a number of reasons to consider the trip. The game selection is good and includes several that could be fun for beginners. My suggestions would include Aerodrome, Smoke on the Water, and Gangland. You'll also get to see more complex but very popular games like Flames of War being played and perhaps try them as well.

Huzzah is also fairly close by and there aren't many events like this in the area, Havoc and Northeast Wars (not Winter Wars, my bad) being the only two that come to mind. And Northeast Wars was canceled this year, which I think leads us to the next reason to attend.

This is Huzzah's first year. The group running the event has put a Lot of work into it and I think it would be great to respond. Huzzah looks very professionally organized but it is absolutely a labor of love by people with a passion for gaming. I'd encourage interested parties to get up there and show support.


  1. Is there a local convention called Winter Wars? I thought that was one out in the midwest.

  2. Oops- that's what happens when I multitask at work! It's Northeast Wars, although it does occur in winter time. I'll edit the original post- thanks!


  3. Mike, I enjoyed the Bladensburg game very much. It was a pleasure having you command an American force for the Battle of Hampden, ME, too. Very nice to meet you, and I hope to see you back here in Maine soon. As a side note, I picked up some Walkerloo stuff to play with the kids on your advice. Let me know how your 1812 quest goes.

  4. Eric- the pleasure was all mine. I'm going to write up what a great game you ran and I'm glad you had fun with mine. I spent today internet shopping for 25mm 1812 figures!