Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art Lessons from Kids

Today I needed to do some work on some Armies in Plastic toy soldiers. As chance would have it my nurse's daughter would there and I recruited her into the painting business.

I wasn't entirely sure how much fun a pre-teen girl would have painting French Foreign Legion. To my surprise S________ picked out the colour scheme of my troops, asked great questions about their kit and uniforms, and then settled down to do a lovely job of painting them. As we sat we talked about art and it turns out that she loves to sketch, likes pastels, and wants to start working with charcoal. I suspect that painting plastic toy soldiers with acrylics was actually sort of a step down for her! Still, I think she had fun, I got some painting done, and it's always nice to share the hobby a bit. A good lesson too that even if games, role playing, and miniatures are a bit fringe-y there are lots of elements to them that any older child or teen may enjoy.

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  1. When I was teaching I had end of year wargames and painting as an activity. One boy insisted on painting a cavalry horse gold so there went my thought of using kids to save me some time painting the basic bits.