Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cavalry for the Baron!

I dislike painting cavalry in every scale. It manages to combine painting big solid colored models with portions of insane detail. Hussars are probably the worst offenders and of course Veglians need Hussars to defend the Istrian peninsula from all comers. The Baron (or some appropriate leader, I am working out the details) was introduced to his first unit of cavalry today.

"I don't see any lace. Where is all the gold on the scabbards. Is the sabertache decorated with regimental colors?"

A Line of Two!
Sadly, these brave horsemen must make do with dash and daring and not rely on the decadent accoutrements of the effete Franks and Austrians. On a positive note, however, the Baron's six year old son took one look at the hussars and made off with them in a flash. First he put them in a "line of two's" and then sent them off into their first swirling melee. As of now "the good army had won" and horns of triumph were sounding across the land! But only for a moment, as the battle begins again. I am hoping to retrieve these figures by May in time for Huzzah.

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  1. Dash and daring chaps indeed!Splendid fellows on the carpet I say.