Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Infinity Game Yet

More Amazing Infinity Miniatures
Infinity is a science fiction skirmish game from Spain that continuously threatens to become popular here in the United States. I've collected the miniatures for years now and run several demos and the system has never really hit it off locally. I've read about it being played actively here and there but I've never come across a group.

As an aside, I think Infinity falls into a class of European games that feature great miniatures and interesting rules, and yet never seem to catch on and forever look intriguing and exotic to me. There's also Eden, Carnavale, Freebooter's Fate, and the whole Zenit line. Each collection is so colorful, weird, and basically foreign-looking that they're hypnotically attractive. Luckily the small shred of sense I still possess tells me that I may not find any opponents for my French post-apocalypse clown themed wargames troops anywhere in this hemisphere. 

That being said I finally had a very satisfying Infinity demo this weekend at Triple Play in New Hampshire. I think the thing that made it work so well was mainly that the players were relaxed and good sports rather than being aggressive and competitive. Further, they had experience playing similar games. But I may have set the stage for the game better this time than in the past. I just stressed that this is a twenty minute skirmish game, that the basic rules are ultra simple, and that if they can think of something they would Like to do in the game there is absolutely a rule for it and I'll explain it as needed.

Go on, buy me....
The result was that the play started pretty quickly. The players expected a quick game and thus didn't spend time arranging a complex strategy and staring blankly at the board. Through the game I just chimed in and reminded them of options they had and before you knew it they were playing with little help from me. In the end they were happy with the game and are planning on buying some figures.

For future games I think I'll be selling Infinity on those lines. It's fast. It's really simple. There are rules for things you want to do, but they're ultimately simple rules. The game lasts twenty minutes so "less admiring and more firing," as they say. And it doesn't hurt that the miniatures are just stunning. Now I just need to find a group playing Nemesis that doesn't live in Barcelona...

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