Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fleet Redux

Some time ago I wrote about the game of Fleet and how much I enjoyed it. One caveat I had at the time was that the version I had played had included various limited edition cards that were not found in the standard game. Now I can rest easily because Gryphon Games has started a new Kickstarter which offers the original game, an expansion, and all those special limited edition cards, plus wooden fish tokens.

The basic premise of Fleet is that players compete to acquire fishing licenses and then go out onto the sea and make money from fishing. There is a lot of decision making to be done as you try and find a niche in which to make money, keep your boat intact, and hire crew.

I still cannot decide why I love this game so much. In one sense Fleet is just a nicely done economic game. There aren't any crazy mechanics or unusual components. The art design is good enough. I think it's just a theme that really resonates with me. I find real estate games dull, I Power Grid to be like a cardboard sedative, but the thought of sending a old chugging fishing boat out into the frozen waters to pull in lobsters and tuna is just super appealing. The spray, the wind, the weathered wood beneath your feet and the roll of the decks. Wow!

Not surprisingly I have watched Master and Commander about a million times.

If you're looking for a fun, simple game that is suitable for serious gamers and also for family play, I'd recommend taking a look at Fleet and its expansions.

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