Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Days of Wonder Contest

It appears as though Days of Wonder is running an essay contest on their Facebook page. Prospective players may log into their own Facebook pages and through some Byzantine process enter to win a free game.

At first this seemed pretty awesome but a word of warning, it turns out the process is rather complex. You need your own Facebook page, a Days of Wonder Online account, and you have to play Ticket to Ride or Gang of Four online. Then you have to write a story about a Days of Wonder game experience and post it on your Facebook page. Your odds of winning increase if you post a new essay each day. Your essays have to remain on your Facebook page through the duration of the contest.

At first this seemed like a terrific idea, at least until I started reading the details. You could in fact start to rack up the online Ticket to Ride games and cover your Facebook page with inspirational essays and testimonials. Days of Wonder games are truly quite fun and the essays would be an improvement over Facebook's incessant "What Breed of Cat are You?" questionnaires. Or you could spare yourself all that work, bring your own lunch to work for a few days or babysit or walk someone's dog and just buy a Days of Wonder game yourself with your hard earned or saved cash. The latter sounds easier to me.

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