Sunday, April 24, 2011

Huzzah! Best Con Ever!

Just as the Druids used to gather in sacred groves to practice their mysteries, gamers love to gather in Holiday Inns and convention centers to practice theirs. Conventions can be a great chance to meet people and play new games, or they can be depressing forays into the worst antisocial behaviours a big gang of beardy home brewing men can come up with. Huzzah! is a convention in Maine which embodies all the best of gaming cons and blessedly little of the worst.

Huzzah! was first held last year in Portland Maine and was a huge success. The games were generally spectacular, both visually and in fun of play. The people were cool and friendly. The setting was spouse friendly. The whole experience was just terrific. This year's event is taking place on May 13th in Portland and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the region with an interest in miniatures gaming. I would even suggest that a weekend at Huzzah! gives you more quality gaming than, say, Historicon, and at a much lower price.

Take a look at the event webpage and see if anything grabs your interest. I loved my experience last year and I'm already set for this year's fun!

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