Sunday, April 24, 2011


So I'm settled in a nice new house in New Hampshire. My hobby room is a pile of boxes which are too intimidating to even try to consider opening. We're learning all the exciting features of living in a 250 year old house. And there are twice as many Indian restaurants in rural New Hampshire than you would expect, since zero multiplied by any number remains zero.

That being said this area has a thriving and friendly gaming scene. West Lebanon hosts Triple Play Games which features a great board game selection and a very lively game night on Wednesdays. Newport has the Dragon Maze, a game store based in two brother's living room, that is small but fun and friendly. I suspect there is more gaming to be discovered and since unpacking is so depressing I'm set to find it!


  1. If you visit Triple Play on Wednesday night, say hi to Chuck or Rod if they're in. Or Robert or Amy or Matt or . . . They're a fine bunch, in short.

    There's also the Game Castle in Londonderry, if you find yourself down that way.

  2. And speaking of gaming opportunities in the Upper Valley, there's the Summer Game 'n Grill at the Norwich grange hall in June.

    Can't believe I almost forgot that one!