Monday, May 7, 2012

Huzzah! Followup Part 1

This last weekend was the third Huzzah! gaming convention. In short it was a fun time and its established it's status for me as the go-to game con of the year.

Most of the fun in any gaming experience is in the people you talk and play with. Huzzah! is second only to Carnage for its' super pleasant folks. I met paratroopers, store owners, medical directors and state troopers and we talked about wargaming and about our kids. Really my two favorite subjects. There are always a few rules lawyers and competitive types but they're by far the exception rather than the rule.

A few years ago the hot new game was Lasalle and I got another chance to play this weekend. The fellows running the game were a lot of fun and the figures were just gorgeous. There as an old school toy soldier game with home cast figures which almost got me sold on casting my own lead figures. Close call! Then we played Day of Battle, which is a medieval battle game with some interesting role playing mechanics. Finally, I took part in a massive Napoleonic Black Powder game.

I was a little disappointed not to find a new exciting set of rules to try for the next year. Black Powder is a very nice set of rules but not really exciting- more reliable and useful. It's a nice choice for moving around lots of soldiers in a fast game. Lasalle is decent as well and probably my system of choice for that level of Napoleonics. In contrast the first time I played Disposable Heroes or B5:A Call to Arms I was stunned by how fun they were.

I did pick up a copy of They Died for Glory and Through the Mud and the Blood. I'm pretty impressed with the former so far- the question is really whether the Franco-Prussian war is a fun one to play. In any case the rules look good and I may adapt them to an imagi-nation setting. Otherwise there's always Funny Little Wars to consider.

In the end Huzzah! was a lot of fun. Good people, fun games, inspiring layouts. I'll be there next year.

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