Saturday, April 13, 2013

No Posts?

Nutritious Dinner in Foreground
I felt like I was posting up a storm until recently. Suddenly I realize I haven't posted in weeks. Unfortunately I have not been busy inspecting a chocolate factory I just inherited (and there is one close by!). The Funny Little Wars project for the upcoming Huzzah convention has just taken up all my spare time.

Painting 54mm troops is not quite as easy as you would imagine. They suck up several coats of paint and my favorite shortcuts of washes and dips are pretty useless. In addition, everyone has lots of belts and webbing and shiny buttons so even painting in a toy soldier style seems to take forever. I'm feeling nostalgic for my 10mm Napoleonics, which really just needed a basecoat and a wash.

There is an end in sight, at least. If nothing else the project ends in May when arrives. None too soon as the painting space no occupies about 20% of the kitchen!

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