Sunday, May 26, 2013

Historical Wargaming Podcast Discovery

I've been searching around for some time for a podcast to complement my beloved Meeples and Miniatures. I enjoy M&M quite a bit but it seemed as though there should be at least one other podcast out there that focuses on historical wargaming. I suppose it's a commentary on my
search skills that it took this long to track down "The Historical Wargaming Podcast."

I've listened to two episodes so far through iTunes and so far the podcast is hitting all the right buttons. The hosts are excited and upbeat about gaming. They care about history and also recognize that some games can be fun even if they're not completely historically accurate. They have a wide range of interests and seem unable to stop buying and painting miniatures. Perfect!

Further, the host recently pointed out that there is a podcast produced by the publishers of Ancient Warfare, a magazine which somehow I have not yet subscribed to. That gives me something fun to look forward to listening to next!

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