Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moving is Fun

I have grown to really enjoy moving. You learn about a new part of the world, you get to try different foods and see new thing. Moving is especially nice if there are some interesting new things to see or if it puts you near old friends.

Hmm, Interwar Sikhs go where...?
Unfortunately there seems to be no way to Move without also Packing and Unpacking. That process is like a torture session that never seems to end. Have you collected lots of miniatures? How about cans of spray paint and glue bottles? Do you have a painting table that has possibly acquired sixteen half finished projects? Then Packing and Unpacking is going to add ten years to your life. Not cheery laid back years reclining by the blue waters of the Aegean. Awful dust covered years spent deciding whether you're ever going to finish customizing those AT-43 figures you picked up two moves ago. (Answer- it's not impossible- pack them!)

So apologies for the hiatus. I'll get back into the swing of things soon. The family is now in Derry and within range of Myriad Games, Hobby Bunker, The Comic Store, Game Castle, and Adler Hobbies. Also apparently good school and libraries, town beaches, and museums according to the wife. Bonus!

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