Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Armies in Plastic to the Rescue!

Today I got some more troops in the mail from Armies in Plastic (AiP). AiP has a huge line of 54mm toy soldiers which are well suited for playing Funny Little Wars or any sort of large scale game. I've also let the kids play with them and they're a big hit. Plus, unlike metal figures, they're safe for children to play with, handle, or even chew on.

I was excited today to find that in addition to my expected reinforcements the folks at AiP had included some prize support for the upcoming Funny Little Wars game at Huzzah. Two nice boxes of figures which I can give away to the best dressed players or most sportsmanlike players or who knows what. So lots of thanks to Armies in Plastic for helping out with the upcoming game. Now back to painting...

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