Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Sive Boje Vukovi!

From the forests and fields of Veglia come the fearsome Sive Boje Vukovi* Regiment. These brave men are well trained regular soldiers but rumors abound of mysterious initiation ceremonies and eldrich traditions dating back centuries. Is there a legacy from the old time when Veglians took on Romans, Mongols, and Bordurians and walked away victorious? The Vukovi just smile grimly and remain silent on the matter.

*"The Sive Boje Vukovi are fanciful creatures from Veglia legend. The resemble vampire bats but weigh up to fifty kilograms, have long pointed ears and snouts, lack wings entirely, and hunt in packs. They are reputed to howl at full moons. The Vukovi represent another example of the fertile Veglian imagination, as they are clearly a creation of a primitive, almost primal tradition.
Encyclopaedia Syldavia, 1865 Edition"

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