Saturday, March 9, 2013

King Marko's Loyal Guards

Named after the famed King Marko* this regiment of soldiers upholds Veglian tradition and martial pride. Their distinctive red hatbands refer back to Markian legends** dating back centuries, their green uniforms reflect the green land of Veglia, and their spirit is fierce and brave. The Loyal Guards are ready to defend their homeland or venture beyond in search of glory and battle honors.

*"King Marko was almost certainly never a king of ancient Veglia and is unlikely to have existed in any form or even be faintly related to any existing king or person. This has given complete creative freedom to centuries of Veglian storytellers. The catalog of Markian stories is enormous and varied. It has been said in fact that any story in any tradition could refer to King Marko. J.L. Borges is said to have been highly influenced by Markian tradition, cf. "The Lottery in Babylon"."
Encyclopaedia Fenwickia, 1895 edition

**Including The Red Rake of Plenty, Red Gnarl's Saga of Red Bloody Vengeance, and the Ten Adorable Red Bunnies Meet the Squirrel Family

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