Sunday, April 8, 2012

Battle of Dennewitz Black Powder Game

As Huzzah! nears and my armies lurch towards completion it seems like a good time to start a totally new project. Rich at Boston Trained Bands is running a Black Powder game at Huzzah! based on the Battle of Dennewitz and wrote to see if I had any extra 28mm French troops. Although I only had a handful I did have a bottle of Army Painter blue primer left over from the 10mm project and that's almost the same thing really. I ordered a set of Victrix French infantry and set to work.

Plastic troops are certainly nice in that they're inexpensive and allow you to avoid that whole lead-shavings-in-the-kitchen dilemma that lead figures bring about. The downside to them is that they take some time to put together and of course they're a little fragile. My first set of Victrix figures was a pain to assemble but this one fell together pretty well so there's a tribute to having some learning curve. Then it was out to the front lawn and time to spray them deep blue. In the process I left a mysterious blue patch in the grass just in time for Easter so now the kids think that the Easter bunny leaves both eggs and occasionally blue crop circles.

Next step is block painting and then the dip.

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