Sunday, April 8, 2012

Terrain for the 10mm Napoleonics

The game I'll be running for Huzzah! is set in Spain and needs some nice terrain. In the past I would set out to scratch-build all my gaming material which is of course the traditional and correct thing to do. Sadly, my skills as a craftsman are so poor that these projects were almost universally disasters. Granted I can now use insulation, foamcore, styrene and wood pretty well but only after the fact and that's not much consolation when your terrain at the moment looks like ice cream cake on a July afternoon. Plus, I left the house covered in wood shavings and aerosolized insulation.

This year I decided to bite the bullet and buy my terrain like some rank amateur. I wanted to set up a few villages and that meant using fairly small houses. I settled on 6mm scale, which is slightly smaller than "N" scale for model trains. My online shopping led me to Angel Barracks and Timecast Models, both in the UK. I placed my orders and as I clicked "purchase" my wife eyed the power sander and airbrush and said a prayer of thanks to whoever saved her from home crafted terrain and the household disaster that accompanies it.

In the end I was pretty happy with my purchases. The goods from Angel Barracks arrived like lightning and were well packed. I had a few emails back and forth from the fellow who runs it and he was super helpful and pleasant. The Timecast items took a bit longer but were nicely packed as well. In the end both sets were good- nice detailed resin buildings with good sculpting. The Timecast items were cast in a grey resin, the Angel Barracks in yellow. I feel like the details on the Angel Barracks buildings (which were distributed from Total Battle Miniatures originally) were a bit more clear and the resin seemed less brittle. There is more texture to the walls and the roofs are a little more realistic. It's the difference between A and A+ but there you go. Next step is painting.

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