Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buildings in Progress

Tonight I finished my southern Spanish houses for the Salamanca game at Huzzah! In the end the work was pretty straightforward. They were primed in gesso, stained in dark gray and red, and then received several coats of dry brushed white, red, and orange. The terrain from Total Battle Miniatures looks a little better in my opinion- the rooftop detail is crisper and the wall texture really stands out. Nevertheless the town as a whole looks good and I'm ready to start work on the rest of the terrain.

I picked up some 6mm civilians and animals from Angel Barracks and a bridge from Timecast. At the moment the bridge is looking just terrific and the civilians are looking adequate but for 6mm probably they're fine. After that is the game mat. The mat is looking to be a shade of green far lighter than "reality," but the effect should be to bring out the colors in the tiny 10mm troops who would otherwise be lost in a darker background.

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