Sunday, April 8, 2012

Huzzah! 2012

Miniatures gaming season begins with the Huzzah! convention in Maine. This is Huzzah's third year and it looks to be a lot of fun. As it gets harder to take time off from work and family I get pretty picky about my gaming time. I have developed about zero tolerance for grumpy or super competitive players. They're no fun and if I'm suffering some cranky macho player I'd be better off reading Trumpet of the Swan to my son. I also like to see a pretty game table. It makes me want to dive in and play. If I see a table with unpainted terrain and some salt shakers I just wonder whether the salt shakers represent pillboxes, daleks, or are actual salt shakers left behind from the game master's lunch. Happily Huzzah! has some great players and the games are typically stunning.

Interested gamers should take a look. Portland is a pretty city and there's lots for the family to do while visiting. All the games look good but I would recommend taking a look at Aerodrome, which is a very fun and simple WW I air combat game. I'd also take a look at the Force on Force games and Have Fun Storming the Castle, which is just gorgeous. Finally, I'm growing fond of the Black Powder/Hail Caesar system and they'll be well represented.

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