Sunday, December 16, 2012

Looking Ahead at Projects

As the year winds up I'm thinking about what 2013 may hold for gaming. Here are a few thoughts for upcoming projects.

I've decided to do a Funny Little Wars and Commands and Colors Napoleonics game for Huzzah this Spring. Last year's C&C game was easy to run, moved smoothly and quickly, and seemed to be a big hit with the players. This year I may try and run both Salamanca scenarios back to back. It seems as though I already own all the lead I need for the additional Portuguese troops so I won't even need to do more shopping. Pity.

Funny Little Wars is a light toy soldier themed game and the folks at Huzzah have agreed to make an entire room available for the setting. FLW is ideally played in a back yard or garden but I don't expect Maine in May to be exactly balmy so we'll settle for a big room. It seems as though I already own quite a few 54mm figures for FLW so I won't have to buy more of those either. On the other hand I still need to build lots of 54mm cute European terrain so my wife will not be disappointed by a lack of hobby gear littering the kitchen and living room.

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