Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My First Peter Pig Miniatures

My friend Rich introduced my old club to Peter Pig Miniatures years ago and I've been curious since then to try painting them up. They're imports from Great Britain and more expensive than my go-to Old Glory's so for some time I had stuck with penny wise and as a result had amassed a good pile of 15mm Old Glory French and American troops in 15mm. Some are pretty nicely sculpted and some are just a bit off, but en masse they look acceptable.

Peter Pig on L, Battlefront on R
Now that some Granite staters are considering Disposable Heroes in 15mm scale I've "needed" to add an individually mounted company of Americans to the crew. My Old Glorys don't hold up to individual examination so I clearly Needed to order some new Peter Pigs from Hobby Bunker. They arrived in no time and I got to painting.

I've been very happy with these miniatures so far. They paint up easily, their poses are appealing, and there's a good variety of figures supplied. It's hard to do poorly when you're painting Americans as their color scheme is about as simple as it gets. Once you finish with a Citadel wash the minis look pretty decent. I may Need to get more.

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