Sunday, December 16, 2012

Looking Ahead for the Next Big Wargaming Thing

A few gaming items have popped up as possibly interesting for the next year. Let's go down the list:

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Little Britons: I've grown to really admire the toy soldier esthetic, but not the prices. Happily, Spencer Smith Miniatures and designer Aly Morrison have released a line of cute, traditional, and relatively cheap toy soldiers with a lot of potential. I'll be curious to watch the line grown, and I'll be putting some thought into what you could do with these awesome figures.

The War of the Austrian Succession: This conflict combines obscurity, great uniforms, lots of troop types, and a line of affordable miniatures (again, thanks Spencer Smith!). Add in lots of possible rule sets, plus colorful personalities and oodles of exciting locations for battles. On the downside, I would be the only person in a thousand mile radius building these armies. So a great new setting or another addition to the mountain of unpainted lead?

Solitaire Gaming: Sad and pathetic but true- there are not always historical gamers in the area who are up for a game. I've been looking into Decision Point Games and Dan Verssen Games as sources of some fun solitaire games.On the plus side it keeps me from obsessively playing Race for the Galaxy on Board Game Arena. On the minus side it provides just another obsession unrelated to cleaning the house.

Battlegroup Kursk: This is a new set of rules by Warwick Kinrade that's been pretty well received by the Meeples and Miniatures crowd. What I've seen so far appears well written and brings a certain "this is basically a game which we are playing for fun so relax please" quality which I really look for these days. Tanks run out of ammo, rare vehicles are actually rare, and historical formations are encouraged. This may be the net rule set to look at.

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